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  • Going Vegan: The Lifestyle Decision
    Going Vegan: The Lifestyle Decision

    In a country where patriotism equals a backyard barbecue and fireworks, or sitting on the stands of a baseball game, eyes glued to the diamond, and mustard from the hot dog you just bought dripping onto your hands, going vegan...

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  • Dealing with Climate Deniers this Holiday Season
    Dealing with Climate Deniers this Holiday Season

    The cold weather swooping down on the Eastern United States is doing more than just dampening holiday spirits and bringing in some early snow and misery, it’s fueling climate deniers. This year’s Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t just mean being cold and...

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  • Tesla Motors: Sustainability in Technology
    Tesla Motors: Sustainability in Technology

    What would the world look like if the rich were idealistic, if they really believed in changing for the better, and all those other just-out-of-college dreams? It would look like Tesla Motors.

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  • California and the Drought
    California and the Drought

    The mention of California brings to mind swaying palm trees, white sands, and Hollywood; maybe even a momentary thought of Napa Valley vineyards, Central Valley orchards, and, of course, a never-tiring sun beating down on all of them, giving the...

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